Seniors Wednesday Group Sessions

Seniors Wednesday Group Sessions

SEN Wednesday Session

Every Wednesday the club meets up to offer training for everyone. If you are brand new to running, run at a steady pace, run and socialise or want to run a little faster then take a look below at the group that suits you. We offer something for everyone.

All of our group leaders are either LiRF qualified (Leader in Running Fitness), CiRF (Coach in Running Fitness) or hold a coaching qualification. You will always be in safe hands.



The Walk/Run is targeted at absolute beginners or runners looking to get back into the swing of things. The session is taken by Caroline Davies and Terry Lacy.

This group was started in the summer of 2012 and has proved to be very popular. Many of the runners who turned up to the first session have stayed with the club and have become very popular members.

We will be taking things very easy, covering a distance of around 2-3 miles which will be done as a walk/run with 3-4 stops. You don’t need to be of any standard so don’t worry, it’s purely a start from scratch group. Obviously the standards vary so we have regular stops to catch a breather.

If this is something you fancy trying we’d love to see you with us on a Wednesday night.



The Beginners/Intermediate session is taken by Rich Welsh, Craig Whiteley, Carole Clifford and Ed Wyke-Ulliott amongst others. Group leaders will take out runners who have progressed from the Walk/Run group or are people who have some running experience and are wanting to build up their fitness and distance.

We ask runners who are wanting to do this session are able to run up to 5 miles. This is generally the distance covered most weeks. It’s run at a very steady pace and has around 2-3 stops to allow people to catch up. Don’t worry if you feel you’re too slow, someone will always drop back to make sure all runners are looked after. No one gets left behind.



The Social Run has always been the most popular session at the club. Taken by Ross Blackburn, Hadrian Knight and Paul Brown we always attract a large group to meet at this time. This is a great opportunity to have a steady run, chat and get to know our other members

Very much like the other groups, you don’t have to be of a certain level, though we do run between 6-8 miles. Again, we add 2 or 3 stops in so people can catch up. The routes can be cut short if anyone wants to run back early. Usually some do so you’re not alone if you decide to do so.

Each week we run a different route just to mix things up. During the summer we do a few routes by the canal in Methley and Woodlesford. Also we do a cross country route through the fields at the back of the sports club. During the winter we keep to the roads through Rothwell and Oulton.



Before and after the group sessions one of our coaches are there to organise the Warm Up/Warm Down. This is an incredibly important part of running to avoid injury.



Each session will now cost members £1. If you choose to do another session during the week (ie Tuesday) you will also have to pay a £1 for this too. If you are a guest runner you can run with us for a maximum of 3 weeks for free before we ask you to join the club and then you pay weekly.

Hadrian Knight or Paul Brown always have information and forms for forthcoming races which they always has available on the night. Also if you are wanting any club kit, Paul Brown is down most Wednesdays so you can place an order with him

It’s very important to know that at Rothwell Harriers, it doesn’t matter what group you run in, no runner is every left behind.


club coaches

Terry Lacy

Terry Lacy – Beginners/Intermediate

Ross Blackburn

Ross Blackburn – Social Group

Hadrian Knight

Hadrian Knight – Social Group

Paul Brown

Paul Brown – Social Group

Carole Clifford

Carole Clifford – Helps any group