Seniors Monday / Tuesday Interval Sessions

Seniors Monday / Tuesday Interval Sessions

Why? Interval sessions are for runners of all abilities who have some racing experience and want to improve their times.

Who? Specific interval sessions will help the runner target the individual aspects of their running that will bring improvements that ‘steady’ running cannot alone.

What? The two main interval areas distance runners need to work on are VO2 max and Lactate Threshold (also called Tempo). VO2 is the limiting factor in races of 10k and below, Lactate Threshold determines how fast you can run 10 miles and above..

INTERVAL Run Leaders

Ross Blackburn

Ross Blackburn

Hadrian Knight

Hadrian Knight

Paul Brown

Paul Brown

Ross has been running over 13 years, and has been a member of Rothwell Harriers since 2012. Ross started out as a track runner competing at 800m / 1500m distances eventually moving up to 3000m and road running at a later date. Main Running Highlight: Selection for West Yorkshire County Squad at the National XC Championships. Ross mostly competes on the road and X-Country races now and is here to help everyone achieve their goals & targets on all training nights.

Hadrian is an experienced runner and competes in many off road challenges including the three peaks, ultra marathons and running the whole of the Leeds Country Way.

Paul is an excellent all round runner. Whether it’s Peco XC, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon etc….. Paul always clocks up a fast time in each of these events.

Monday sessions

Starting September, on the 2nd Monday of each month we will be hosting a track session at John Charles Centre for Sport from 6pm prompt, please pay at reception, it costs £3.50 each or £3 if you have a Leeds Card (@ Jan 2019).  The sessions have been approved by one of our senior coaches and are intended to develop your speed and endurance for all running distances, the track is a great place to train and of course no-one gets left behind.  These sessions will also help you gain confidence on running on the track and possibly enter track events in the spring and summer months.

Please ensure you have made yourself aware of the 2 risk assessments the club has undertaken for track sessions.

Tuesday sessions

The Tuesday night Interval Session is always very popular with members. These are designed to help runners of ALL abilities to improve their speed and general fitness.  When you attend the track session on the Monday, we recommend not attending the Tuesday night Interval Session.  Please just do one, not both.

Don’t fear, you don’t need to be of Usain Bolt or Haile Gebrselassie speed in order to come to any of our sessions. All you need is to listen to the guidance from our run leader, your own desire and hard-work and you will become faster over all race distances.

We don’t recommend you race at your best too frequently, and if you have raced at the weekend before these sessions, consider resting or just running easy instead of these sessions.  

If you are racing at the weekend following one of the sessions, consider doing less reps than what’s in the session rather than the full load as you are in danger of leaving your race in training.

Ross likes to mix up the programme every week so you can work on different areas of speed/speed endurance. All the sessions are centred around 10k racing, that means if you’re training for 5k, 10m and/or Half Marathon distance races, these sessions will benefit you. Sometimes we do the hill sessions, lap sessions, intervals and lactate sessions. See the current programme below to see what is coming up over the next few months.

If you have any questions regarding these sessions, need help planning your training, you want help targeting a specific race or a specific training plan outlining then please do not hesitate in contacting Ross, Hadrian or one of our coaches.

If anyone would like some advice on Pace please speak to Ross or any of our Run Leaders but we have included a bit of a guide for each session to help you

January 2019

Tuesday 8th January

Hill Session

Monday 14th January – Track Session at JCCS – 6pm prompt

2 sets of 1 Lap, 2 Laps, 3 Laps with 75 seconds between each rep and 5 mins between sets.

Pace for the 1 Lap rep should be the fastest, a bit slower for the 2 laps rep and slower again for the 3 laps rep (about 5k pace).  The focus for this session is on the quality of pacing, not even pace for each rep distance.

Tuesday 15th January – (do not do this if you have done the track session above)

Session of 2 Halves – 3 x 3mins (5k pace) and 9 x 1 min (slightly faster than 5k pace) with 60 seconds between each rep.

Tuesday 22nd January

3, 4 or 5 mile Tempo/Fartlek – 10 mile pace.

Tuesday 29th January – Club Championship Race – Dewsbury 10k week

If you are racing at Dewsbury, 10 x 30 seconds with easy jog back at fast, but not hard pace.

If you are not racing Dewsbury, 8 x 90 seconds at 5k pace, 90 seconds recovery between each rep.

February 2019

Tuesday 5th February

16 x 1 minute strides with 45 seconds between each rep,

or if you have raced Dewsbury 10k, 10 x 30s at 5k pace.

Monday 11th February – Track Session at JCCS – 6pm prompt

12 or 16 lap Enduro – alternating 5k pace and marathon pace every 200m

Tuesday 12th February – (do not do this if you have done the track session above)

3 minutes (10k pace), 2 minutes (5k pace), 4 x 1 minute (faster than 5k pace) (1 minutes between reps)
2 minutes recovery
4 x 1 minute (faster than 5k pace), 2 minutes (5k pace), 3 minutes (10k pace) (1 minute between reps)

Tuesday 19th February – Club Championship Race – Snake Lane 10 week

If you are racing Snake Lane, 10 x 30 seconds with easy jog back at fast, but not hard pace.

If you are not racing Snake Lane:  Park Lane session-  3 Laps at HM pace, 2 Laps at 10 mile pace, 1 Lap at 10k pace with 1 minute between intervals.

Tuesday 26th February – Diminishing 60

1 set of 6 x 60 seconds at 10 mile pace with 60 seconds recovery

1 set of 5 x 60 seconds at 10k pace with 50 seconds recovery

1 set of 4 x 60 seconds at 5k pace with 40 seconds recovery

March 2019

Tuesday 5th March

3 sets of 1 minute (faster than 5k pace), 2 minute (5k pace) and 3 minute (10k pace) intervals with 1 minute recovery and 5 minutes between sets.

Monday 11th March – Track Session at JCCS – 6pm prompt

2 sets of 3k (7.5 laps or 13 minutes total) at 5k pace (4 minutes between sets)

Tuesday 12th March – (do not do this if you have done the track session above), it’s also Club Championship Race Bradford 10k week

If you are racing Bradford 10k, 10 x 30 seconds with easy jog back at fast, but not hard pace.

If you are not racing Bradford 10k:

Group A – 3 x 1k at 5k pace (90 seconds between reps)

Group B – 4 x 1k at 5k pace (90 seconds between reps)

Group C – 5 x 1k at 5k pace (90 seconds between reps)

Tuesday 19th March – Club Championship Race Wakefield 10k week

If you are racing Wakefield 10k, 10 x 30 seconds with easy jog back at fast, but not hard pace.

If you are not racing Wakefield 10k, 20 x 45 second stride efforts (45 seconds recovery)

Tuesday 26th March

Enduro Session – 20 minutes, 24 minutes or 28 minutes alternating 2 minutes of 5k pace and 2 minutes of marathon pace.

“You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.”

Arthur Ashe

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.”

Vince T. Lombardi

“You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life, but it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

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