Juniors Training

Juniors Training

Most training takes place outdoors so please ensure you are dressed suitably for the weather conditions.JJ Training

In winter this includes jackets, gloves and hats and a hi -viz vest/jacket.


Latest Updates:

Our Autumn training is focused on the cross country races that we encourage our members to compete in.


WEDNESDAY EVENING – Main club training

This is our main club training sessions. We meet at Oulton Primary School from 6.30 pm to approximately 7.30 pm.  There are four specific training groups. Three groups provide a structured training programme specific to the age and ability of the athlete and a fourth group for younger , inexperienced runners.

MONDAY EVENING – Track session

We meet at Thornes Park Athletic Stadium, Wakefield from 6.45 pm to approximately 7.45 pm. There are usually two groups split by age and ability. Please note an entry fee is payable to the stadium.


We meet at Rothwell Sports Centre from 9.30 am to 10.30 am.  Whether we split the group depends on the training activity and number of athletes in attendance.

All three sessions are for athletes that want to improve their technique, pace judgement and endurance.


Coaches are willing to offer advice to parents/athletes regarding additional self-led coaching intended to supplement group training sessions. We are however, keen to avoid overtraining particularly in younger athletes caused by training too often, running for too long (time or distance) or by taking part in too many races/park runs.

meet the coaches

Keith Pailing Club Manager / Level 2 Coach

Keith Pailing
Club Manager / Level 2 Coach

Jason Westmoreland Level 2

Jason Westmoreland
Level 2 Coach

James Wardman Athletics Coach

James Wardman
Athletics Coach

Jo Hestletine

Jo Hestletine
Coaching Assistant / Welfare Officer / First Aider

Marc Randall
Coaching Assistant / First Aider

Lynne Metcalfe
Coaching Assistant / First Aider

Lee Barker
Leading Athlectics

Claire Easton
Leading Athlectics / First Aider / Treasurer

Paul Howard
Leading Athletics

Emma Rawson
Leading Athletics

Will Collumb
Leading Athletics

Jasmine Laidler
 Athletics Leader

Aimee Easton
Leading Athletics

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